For Youth

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If you have the desire to be a leader and be successful in your endeavors, then YLA is for you.

You might be asking yourself, "What's so special about YLA?" The answer is actually very simple. YLA is different from other leadership organizations because it gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams as well as the resources necessary to transform them into realities. We have a immersive 14-week program filled with important networking and professional development workshops that are rare to find for high school students.

YLA Founder, John Nguyen, and a group student leaders were tired of attending leadership conferences with the same adult speakers, disenchanted with the bureaucracy of high school clubs, and fed up with only wishing they were involved in something more influential. Thus, they formed an organization dedicated to the idea that high school students can be a driving force for positive change in their communities.

We have been carrying out our vision and mission over the past few years, and we are very excited about this year's fall program. We believe that this year's program will not only instruct high school students about leadership but give them the resources and connections to apply their newfound skills in whatever field they plan to pursue.

For Parents

We understand the importance of parents knowing what their child is doing in their everyday life. It is our goal to keep our Associates and their parents on the same page with equal access to important information about the program. We are currently preparing information for the 2016-2017 program, and will update this page shortly.

For Educators


We will soon be posting on this page information for educators, and how they can take the Youth Leadership America vision and apply it to their classroom. If you are an educator interested in this opportunity, please check back frequently for updates!