"Youth Leadership America cultivates the next generation of servant leaders."


The mission of Youth Leadership America (YLA) is to develop and inspire America’s young leaders through collaboration with community leaders and mentorship for the collective benefit of the students and the community.

We are an established 501(c)3 non-profit leadership organization that is dedicated to developing student leadership and interpersonal skills. Over the past 12 years, we have been connecting high school students with civic, business, and community leaders. Some of the notable organizations with which we collaborate include the City of Anaheim, Hilton Anaheim, Cal State Fullerton, Instrumental Savings, 7 Day Dental, Chapman University, Oakley, and the Disneyland Resort.

Each year, the YLA youth board constructs a semester-long leadership program for high school students in the community. During this program, students meet each week to learn different leadership styles/topics ranging from public speaking to dinner etiquette. By bringing young and aspiring leaders into the community, we help the youth to develop and mature into leaders of tomorrow. By allowing the YLA Youth Board to choose their own activities and direction, we create an atmosphere in which the youth can learn to be leaders with real life experience.

Our 14-week program provides high school students with the tools and environment they need to develop into great leaders. Included in the YLA "toolbox" are: necessary finances, access to key community leaders, relationships with area business, mentoring, and a positive environment that motivates young people to help themselves by helping others.